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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Monkeys of Vrindavan

The trees, rocks, plants and animals in Vrindavan are said to be great, devotional souls. Monkeys permeate life in Vrindavan in a very personal way. Living among the trees and rooftops in Vrindavan village, they cause merriment and excitement. They hang on the electricity wires until the lights go out. They take your food when you aren't looking. They kidnap passports and bead bags from devotees and ransom them for bananas or other food. During Krishna's earthly pastimes they lived at Seva Kunj and danced with Radha and Krishna on the full-moon night.

One day, a little baby monkey fell through the bars of Radha Damodar Temple's upstairs room where Srila Prabhupada was living. Screaming from the separation from her baby, the mother monkey was trying to get through the steel bars. Very carefully Prabhupada picked up the little monkey and, with his lotus palms, gave the baby back to the thankful mother. After that incident the mother came to the window every day looking for Prabhupada.

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