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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life-after-death is ancient wisdom

I was reading this article on "near-death" experiment and its progressive evidence supporting the same. But what is astonishing and in fact narrow is how scientists simply dismiss previous literature on after-life as valid. The Bhagavad Gita has most lucid explanation of body, mind and soul (consciousness) there is and yet scientists reject it as something "religious". This, in my opinion, is foolish. Why would one want to reject knowledge in the name of "religion"? Knowledge is knowledge regardless of the label one gives. If the Gita can provide literary evidence to body-soul concept and now the scientists are able to prove it empirically...then why not accept the Gita as an authentic source of knowledge?

From this article, clearly, there is something that conventional wisdom has failed to reveal and yet modern science is so stubborn (I am sure due to political reasons) to acknowledge the ancient wisdom of the Gita. The entire Vedic knowledge is built on the fundamental aphorism that "we are not this material body". While a whole culture is formed based on this idea, yet, scientists are treating this "after-life" phenomenon as something no human being has studied before or encountered.

This biased neglect is hypocrisy. The last paragraph of the article says "The self, the soul, the psyche—throughout history, we've never managed to figure out what it is and how it relates to the body," he says. "This is very important for science and fascinating for humankind". This statement reveals the ignorance of the primary researcher Dr. Parnia. To say "we've never figured out throughout history" and generalize this fascination for all humankind is purely insular, ridiculous and hypocritical. It undermines all the great work great philosophers have done in the past. They may not have given statistical information but nevertheless they have shed immense knowledge on this subject.

The entire Vedic culture for the past 5000 years was based on the concept of body and soul. One can find remnants of this culture still present today in different parts of the world especially in the Indian sub-continent. This phenomenon is not new or fascinating. It is an age-old phenomenon which modern man is simply blind towards.

Unfortunately, from whatever I have read and heard, modern science and scientists simply represent a western world view and clearly this is neither scientific nor representing humankind.

The article can be read here.

Hare Krishna

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Meal always happy!

Any difference between the two pictures...visibly NO!

This is a project done by a person for art. She bought a McDonalds Happy Meal and kept it on her kitchen counter for 6 months. She found no visible decomposition. The first picture was taken on the day of purchase and the second after 6months.

Even the micro fungi and bacteria molds reject eating McDonalds type fast-food garbage. Normally fresh foods go stale with blue and green molds growing on it if not consumed within 3 to 5 days what to speak of 180? I am simply amazed how a human can gorge on this what is called as "food". Basically, eating in McDonalds means we lower our standards below micro-organisms. Imagine how long this will sit in the intestine. No wonder meat eaters have a high probability of colon cancer.

In the name of advancement and civilization, we kill animals and consume their flesh when there is ample vegetables, grains and fruits to eat. A civilization cannot sustain on bloodshed, eventually, everything will come falling down.

This happy meal is always happy!

Hare Krishna

Monday, October 11, 2010

random chance and the Supersoul

Modern day science is based on evidence followed by rigorous tested research. The research, then, is reviewed for quality till it is finally published. Research is operationalized through statistical testing and modeling. This is true for most research if not all. Therefore statistical modeling occupies the most significant aspect in modern science and in fact determines the quality of the findings and evidence.

Statistics, at the fundamental level, tries to average out data and report trends etc. In one sense, statistics completely negates the concept of the supersoul. What we call “directive action” conducted by supersoul is called “random action” directed by chance or freak of nature. The unknown that the scientists cannot explain is easily “covered” up as chance or random. This unexplained mystery called “chance” or “random” event underlines all major theories of modern science from the Big Bang to quantum science. The universe just after the big bang explosion randomly combined to form heavy metals from gas form. Another example, through random mutation over time what was soup become cellular organism which later evolved into human beings. In quantum physics particles at the sub-atomic level randomly position itself in relation to the nuclei that can be measured only in clouds called the theory of uncertainty. So like this, the fundamental assertions of modern science of origins, life and creation are filled with stories that are founded on chance occurrences and random variations.

The vedic science, however, completely rejects such an idea. That which is taken seriously as knowledge- random chance-among modern scientists is actually seen as ignorance among the vedic seers. The Bhagavad Gita clearly indicates the position of the supersoul in relation to practical affairs. Nothing is random or by chance. The supersoul directs all actions, origins, life and creation. All good and bad things happening are grandly orchestrated by the supersoul. The supersoul cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is located in the region of the heart within every living entity (fauna and flora alike). The supersoul can be seen through yoga and meditation. The supersoul or Paramatma in sanskrit has blue color body with four arms, bedecked with jewels in His crown, chest. He has flower garland over His neck and different paraphernalia in all His four arms - as described by yogis and pure devotees who have seen Him. Realizing and seeing the supersoul is a goal of life for some. But for others, serving the supersoul in devotion is the goal.

That supersoul who is present in all beings within this creation is called Krishna. If we can understand who Krishna is in truth, then, we can be happy in all conditions of existential life. That is also my goal – to know and understand Krishna in truth and ultimately be happy in all conditions of life.

Hare Krishna

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

True religion is founded on objective inquiry

Stephen Hawking in 2010 said about science and religion “There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works

Personally, I don’t quite fully agree with his statement as I think it is too general and simplistic. I think science is also authoritative and not entirely based on observation and reason. For example, in schools especially, one does not have much freedom to question based on observation & reason and take a position against the curriculum books unless you want to fail in class. Knowledge albeit “scientific” is thrust upon children with fertile brains. So by the time, they reach college, they take sides supporting or rejecting scientific theories but all within the umbrella of “science”. I don’t think there is an alternate school of thought encouraged or developed if a young child chooses. So in that sense, I think modern science is as authoritative if not more as religion. In fact, out of pressure to maintain one’s social and economic identity, one is forced to choose one way or the other…again within the umbrella of science. Every sphere of life, today, from politics to sports to entertainment is based on the principles of modern science which functions based on authority.

I do agree, however, that modern religion due to unscrupulous leaders has become an appendage with no practical value or reason. Because religious leaders could not bridge the gap between real world life and religious principles, the aspect of authority was stressed and highlighted as the end all. While there is authority in all spheres of life including science and I think authority is necessary for proper order in society, unfortunately, religion simply orders people to do things in the name of higher authority which otherwise puts the followers in face with “eternal damnation”. Therefore out of fear to such authority, by and large people approach religion. When we remove practical reason out of religion, it simply becomes a symbolic value and nothing more. This, in my opinion, is not because “religion” as a concept is false but because the so called torch bearers of religion failed to maintain purity of heart and appeal to the practical matters of the general public.

You see modern science and philosophy is a rebellious offshoot to religion. But this religion is based on a Judeo-Christian tradition. Historically, the forefathers of science moved away from dogmatic religion to empirical science simply to disprove the Judeo-Christian version of reality. The church during the middle ages mishandled their authority and thus gave birth to science. On the other hand, Vedic science is modeled around dialogue. All the great knowledge of Vedic science such as the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavata Purana etc is based on a dialogue of question and answer between the speaker and questioner. The dialogues originate based on observation and reason and culminates in surrender to a sublime authority (not mundane). In the same breadth, random unreasonable questioning is also discouraged.

Therefore, going back to the original statement by Hawking, true religion which is based on non-sectarian values and beyond external rituals and form actually starts with reason and not authority. But for one to go beyond the external form requires intentional effort from the seeker – that which is founded upon open, humble and introspective inquiry.

Anybody who keeps aside (at least temporarily) his or her preconceived ideas about this world and God, and have faith in a higher power, approaches it with an unmotivated, sincere and humble heart, and in that mood observe and ask questions not to criticize but to learn, to such a heart, true religion will be automatically revealed.

True religion culminates in surrender to a pure authority but is founded on objective inquiry and sustained through sincere and determined practice. True religion will also win as it works!

Hare Krishna

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Modern science and scientists are frantically trying to answer “everything” through one theory. But modern science defines a thing as that which can be measured and tested otherwise it is an anomaly. Essentially "everything" deals with only the seen, touched, smelled or heard directly or indirectly through gadgets. It does not account for the unseen, unheard, and unfelt. Then, how can science call it “everything”. Shouldn’t it be more like “something” or “everything measurable”. Anyways…this is the sheer arrogance upon which scientists and modern science operates.

My point is, there are many “things” even modern scientists acknowledge as “existing” but “not explainable”. This conclusion, they come to, is based on modern scientific testing methods. So by their own standards, they accept that everything cannot be known. For example, below is an excerpt from two physicists on potential paranormal behavior that they are not able to explain through conventional wisdom.

While measuring sound levels, they noticed that, although no sound was heard, their monitor showed a huge deflection, so they concluded that there must have been direct pressure on the crystal in the microphone. They speculated that a similar invisible force could be acting on the pen of the Unireg [electrical instrument showing voltage fluctuations] itself, causing the unnatural loops directly, independently of the electrical current. They speculated further: the same force could be acting on the tiny springs inside the telephone, bypassing the dial. It was active only for short periods, its nature was complex and it was not electrodynamic. Known physics could not explain it”.

There are tonnes of unexplained phenomenon or unknowns similar to this that can never be explained. To propose one theory, then, essentially means to redefine how science fundamentally operates. They should seriously study things that cannot be seen, heard, smelled or felt if they want to find one supertheory to explain everything.

True & superior knowledge, therefore, includes the known (that which can be measured) and the unknown (which cannot be measured). Modern science fails in the unknown and hence inferior knowledge. It cannot comprehensively explain so many crucial aspects of life such as near-death experience, past life memories, alien life forms, science of astrology, dreams, creation of the Universe, creation of Life, ghosts to name a few. They put all this in one big bucket and call it “paranormal” like it is some sort of stepchild to mainstream knowledge.

Even if scientists try to explain things using mainstream logic, to hide their ignorance, they simply call all events either “mental concoction” or “random events”. This type of simplistic explanation and dismissal actually reveals their ignorance about “everything”.

However, all this can be explained if we understand the fundamental aphorism of Vedic science. Vedic science tells us that the gross external body is simply a covering. The real person is a spirit (soul) and made of spiritual qualities (not material). Vedic science defines this “spirit” as “life”. Modern science defines combination of chemicals (anatomy and physiology) as life. These two definitions are diametrically opposite with each other. Because modern science defines chemicals as life, they are not able to account for freaks of nature such as past-life memories or ghosts etc.

Vedic science goes on to explain that this “spirit” or “life” is unique and individualistic. In other words, every atomic spirit has a character and forms the personality of the person. The spirit also cannot be cut, burnt or withered by water. It is transcendental to material designations such as heat, cold, and other physical properties. Just as in this planet, the “spirit” occupies the fish body and is able to live in water according to the environment as opposed to a spirit in human body who cannot live in water; similarly, the “spirit” takes a physical form suiting its environment. By this logic, there can be life forms in all planets depending on the environmental condition. Because spirit is not the body it occupies, sometimes, the spirit can remember the previous bodies it occupied in the past, and this remembrance can explain past-life memories. Also, it can explain the concept of ghosts as spirits wander without physical bodies.

Vedic science explains that “spirit” (aka life) is superior to matter (aka material body) because the body is temporary and inert where as the spirit is unchanging and full of life. Just as in the physical sense, we have a government with one leader; similarly, in the spiritual realm we have a government and a Supreme leader. This explains the concept of astrology, creation of the universe and existence of life. This one Supreme spiritual leader is called “God” by different religions.

The concept of the soul is all-pervading and present everywhere. The soul is guided and directed by one supersoul. Vedic science calls this supersoul “Krishna”. To conclude, if we know the soul, supersoul Krishna and their mutual relationship, we essentially have a “supertheory” that can potentially explain everything.

Hare Krishna

Monday, October 4, 2010

compassion of H.H.Radhanath Swami

We hear so many personal stories about how Srila Prabhupada showed immense compassion to fallen souls to get an opportunity to serve Krishna.

Here is one such story about H.H.Radhanath Swami.

In 1993, a nine year old reached a safe haven—the Lady Nothcote Hindu Orphanage. He was rescued from the perils of child labour by a compassionate monk, Bhagavan Das. The boy had lost his father, while his mother struggled to make ends meet in a remote Maharashtrian village….. I was that boy.

We kids were like small seeds buried in the dry sands of a cruel world. That orphanage groomed us into what we are now—beautiful blossoms that beautify that same world. And our chief gardener was Radhanath Swami.

An incident from those formative years I vividly remember. Every year, we kids at the orphanage were allowed to accompany Radhanath Swami and his congregation on their pilgrimage. One year, spontaneously my thoughts floated to my mother in the village. How I wished she too could join us. My little brain thought little of the financial requirements of a pilgrimage, and I walked straight to Radhanath Swami. “Can my mother join us too?” I spoke to him in Hindi. He nodded with a smile. Again, I had witnessed the affection of the heart transcended all language barriers between us.
Yes, that year my mother joined me on that pilgrimage.

Later, our caretaker monk disclosed to me what had transpired behind my back. Radhanath Swami had called for a meeting of the pilgrimage organizers just to arrange for the finances and every other need of my mother’s pilgrimage. Towards the end he had told a manager, “You should take care of Jyandev’s mother as if she were Mr. Hrishikesh Mafatlal’s mother.” Mr. Mafatlal is a well known Indian Industrialist.


Hare Krishna