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Monday, September 28, 2009

Words to meditate upon...

The greatest cause of anxiety is endless expectations.

Power, morality, peace etc. can be attained by other processes, but becoming a prisoner in the heart of his devotees is only possible through pure devotional service.

Sincerity in sadhana and eagerness to serve is the basis of one's relationship with the spiritual master.

It is too late to avoid reaction, but not too late to come to the right conclusion.

The more you become advanced, the more you become responsible even for little things.

Once our dreams are fulfilled misery begins.

As soon as we think anything is ours, pride enter our heart.

Compassion is an essential element of love.

Taking birth in kali-yuga itself shows that we have no qualification; Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu therefore manifests ultimate mercy.

Inner fulfillment gives strength to fight maya.

Krishna may crush our ego, pulverize it, crush it to powder, make it into granules, (the question is) do we still continue to remain faithful to Krishna?

Death is like a storm which will sink everything in the river of time; boat is the human body.

by H.H.Radhanath Swami

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saigon Execution

You see the above picture...it is the famous "shot" taken by Eddie Adams during the Vietnam war. It is called the "Saigon Execution".

Apparently, it took 1/500th of a second speed to capture the photographic still. It takes that much amount of time for our life to flash in front of us...literally speaking for the poor Vietnamese who was executed. His life was captured in that 1/500th of a second.

All our lives are worth that much amount of time 1/500th of a second - a flash. If we live for 100 years, from the perspective of Brahma (secondary creator), we are like his saigon execution. Thats right...our 100 years is equivalent to 1/500th of Lord Brahma's second - has no meaning!!

Please make it meaningful - chant Hare Krishna!

Hare Krishna

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Please Sign to Stop Slaughter!

Please go to the online site and sign a petitiion against modernization of a slaughterhouse in Mumbai, India.

Thank you.

The link - http://www.petitiononline.com/prtst12d/

Hare Krishna

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vaishnava Sanga

Once the great sage Narada was intrigued by a doubt. He was sure that Lord Vishnu would clear it for him. He proceeded to the Ocean of Milk and found his Lord reclining on the giant hooded serpent-bed Shankarshana, His beautiful consort, Lakshmi devi beside Him.Sage Narada made his obeisance to Lord Vishnu and put his question to Him.“Oh Lord, what is the value of Vaishnava Satsang, the Association of Vaishnava Devotees?”

Lord Vishnu smiled charmingly and said, “I will answer your question. But first you must do something for me. Look at that village on planet Earth. Can you see a small worm crawling on the ground over there?”With his yogic vision, Sage Narada perceived it and nodded.“Go over there and ask your question of that worm. I’m sure you’ll get your answer.” Sage Narada was puzzled, but he nevertheless did as instructed. In response, the worm looked up at him, promptly rolled over and died.

Sage Narada was shocked. He hurried back to Lord Vishnu and told Him what had happened.Lord Vishnu merely smiled and told him, “Oh, is that so? Never mind. Now do one more thing. Go over to that cow-shed you see over there, in that town. A calf was born there a while ago. Please ask the same question of that calf.”Sage Narada was still recovering from what had happened earlier.“Oh no, my Lord! What if that calf dies as well? I cannot risk committing the unforgivable crime of ‘go-hatya’!”Lord Vishnu however, was able to persuade him and sage Narada left on his new mission. Warily, he made his way into the cow-shed. It was in the middle of the night and he approached the calf unnoticed. He put the same question to the calf. In response, the calf looked at him with its large brown eyes. And then rolled over and died!Sage Narada was horrified.

Using all the yogic powers at his disposal, he fled the scene and arrived at the abode of Lord Vishnu, shaking with fear.“Oh my Lord! What have I done! The worst sin expected of anyone; the killing of the animal most dear to you!”Lord Vishnu pacified the trembling sage and assured him that no sin would accrue to him.“And in the bargain, my Lord, I haven’t even got the answer to my question?!” sage Narada complained.Lord Vishnu smiled and told him that he would have to do just one last thing for him.“You see that vast kingdom over there? The Queen has just given birth to her first child. All you have to do is ask that child your question and you will get your answer.”“No, my Lord! Please don’t ask me to go there. I have no doubt that some harm will befall that child as well. I simply cannot take that chance.”But Lord Vishnu remained adamant. What could the sage do?

Nervously, he set forth towards planet Earth.Arriving on the balcony where the young prince was lying unattended, sage Narada cautiously approached him. The baby looked at him and gurgled with joy.Hesitatingly, the great sage asked the child, “What is the value of Vaishnava Satsang?’The child looked at sage Narada, and to his surprise, began to speak.“O great Sage. Your question has already been answered. When you, the greatest of Vaishnavas, had first granted me your association, I was an insignificant worm. As a result of my contact with you, I left that body and was awarded the body of the most pious animal, the calf.You graced me with your association once more, and I left that body to gain the birth of the prince and heir of this vast kingdom. And by your causeless mercy, you have granted me your exalted association yet again.Now I have no doubt that this is my last birth on this Earth. Your association will help me attain that Supreme Destination; the abode of Lord Hari Himself!”

And this is the value of Vaishnava Association. We develop in all ways; spiritual as well as material.

Hare Krishna

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Krishna - a safe haven

The greatness about Krishna Consciousness is, if practiced properly, removes all anxieties from work and life. It gives one a true sense of assurance, safety, peace and ultimately happiness. After all, we are searching for a safe haven in all our activities. A place we can call home and people to share our feelings and emotions. Krishna Consciousness provides such a haven. The simple truths, simple thoughts and ultimately simple living provide a safe haven. The simple truth that we are not matter. The simple thought that we are servants of sweet Krishna. The simple life that we collect enough to maintain the body and soul and distribute the sumptuous.

If we think about it, all our daily activities are performed with one motivation – to be happy. Happiness can come when there is peace of mind. But how can there be peace if everything is constantly changing from good to bad to good? Therefore peace can be attributed to stillness or lack of change. This material world, however, is founded upon constant change thus making all our experience (good or bad), and knowledge temporary. In this temporary setting, trying to find permanent peace and happiness is akin to Fool’s Paradise.

Krishna Consciousness is permanent beyond the waves of time. It gives us a peace of mind leading to happiness. In Krishna Consciousness, we can find the eternal home and eternal relationships where we can share our emotions.

Find your eternal place in Krishna.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy

Hare Krishna

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Beautiful Prayer by Takurji

The human form of life is the rarest opportunity for attaining spiritual perfection. But now I am lamenting, because I've somehow or other been born with such an opportunity, and I wasted it by never worshiping Lord Krsna. Oh, to whom shall I tell the tale of this misery?

Having married and entered into the entanglements of materialistic family life, I passed my time in vain. I never got any tangible gain or permanent benefit, only trouble and botheration.

What kind of world is this anyway? It seems to be just like a magic lantern show that I saw at a carnival, wherein so many shadows and optical illusions dance magically before my eyes. I feel great attachment and identification with such a world, and thus day after day passes by fruitlessly, without any purpose whatsoever.

When this body drops dead on the ground then what will remain mine? At that moment, all of my sons and dearest loved ones will not be able to give me any happiness.

I work hard just like an ass every day, and now I am wondering for whom am I working so hard? I am still surrounded by so many illusions.

I waste every day in useless, insignificant work, and I waste every night controlled by sleep. And in every 24 hours I never for one second consider that cruel death is sitting very close by my side.

I live a very carefree life-style, sometimes eating a lot, or eating a little if I feel like it, sometimes I see nice things around the town, or sometimes I do not go out at all, sometimes I wear opulent clothing, or if I'm in the mood, I'll wear something simple. I live so carefree that I never consider that one day I will have to give up this body.

My poor heart is plagued by constant anxieties about the maintenance and daily turmoils created by my body, my house, my wife, my family members and my social obligations. All these anxieties are pinching me and destroying all my intelligence.

Alas, alas! What a remorseful situation has arisen! I am absorbed in all this trouble, but I never consider that all these things are temporary and subject to perish very soon. After I'm dead and gone, where will all of my material opulences remain?

When my body will be thrown int the pit at the cremation grounds, it will simply lie there motionlessly. Then many crows, vultures, ants, and worms will come and playfully sport there.

All the stray dogs and jackals will then become very much delighted, and in great ecstasy they will make a festival ground out of my body and will have a huge celebration and feast.

Just see, this is the ultimate destination of this material body. And the most amazing thing is that all of my material opulences, house, family and friends have exactly the same destination.

Therefore I ask of anyone who has any sharp intelligence: please give up all of these temporary illusions presented by maya, and kindly search after the means to get pure devotion to Lord Krsna, for this is the only really tangible eternal truth.

By Srila Bhaktivinod Takur