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Friday, May 1, 2009

Krishna Consciousness is PhD in compassion

Krishna Consciousness is PhD in compassion. If one wants to learn the art of compassion, one has to become Krishna Consciousness. It also means, one cannot claim oneself to be a devotee if he or she is not compassionate towards all living entities. Compassion is beyond bodily designations. It is not bound by time, place and circumstance. It should be shown 24/7 to all living entities regardless of one’s actions, thoughts or words. It should be shown to animals, plants and all beings alike. Therefore one who is compassionate has to be Krishna Conscious and one who is Krishna Conscious has to be compassionate. If not, the true meaning of compassion and Krishna Conscious is not properly understood. Therefore, to be truly Krishna Conscious means a PhD in compassion.

A true vaishnava is an unconditional para duka duki!

Hare Krishna

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