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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

acknowledging false-ego

The concept of false-ego and sense of doership is a major obstacle to self-realization.

Although we are not these bodies, yet we occupy these bodies. All of us have certain bodies with certain minds and background. The body and mind have demands and we relent to its needs. At this juncture, we (the real self) are dictated by the modes of material nature. Depending on the mode, our sense of false ego is determined. The conundrum I face is how to deal with not only my false-ego but with the false-ego of others. This is an issue that puts me in difficulty many times and in relationships personal or professional.

The golden question is – do I have to worry about other people’s false ego in my interaction with them? Even if I am sincere, due to lack of acknowledging other people’s false-ego, there is misunderstanding leading to varying degrees of separation. How to deal with this?

As long as we don’t compromise on our Krishna Conscious principles, I think it is important to satisfy other people’s false ego. How else can we show other people that we care about them? It is by acknowledging their pains and pleasures which of course is arising from a false sense of ownership or doership.

I guess I am confused as to where we should draw the line on satisfying other people’s false-ego and call a spade for a spade. Perhaps it depends on the circumstance??

Why should it be so hard??

Hare Krishna

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