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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Krishna - a safe haven

The greatness about Krishna Consciousness is, if practiced properly, removes all anxieties from work and life. It gives one a true sense of assurance, safety, peace and ultimately happiness. After all, we are searching for a safe haven in all our activities. A place we can call home and people to share our feelings and emotions. Krishna Consciousness provides such a haven. The simple truths, simple thoughts and ultimately simple living provide a safe haven. The simple truth that we are not matter. The simple thought that we are servants of sweet Krishna. The simple life that we collect enough to maintain the body and soul and distribute the sumptuous.

If we think about it, all our daily activities are performed with one motivation – to be happy. Happiness can come when there is peace of mind. But how can there be peace if everything is constantly changing from good to bad to good? Therefore peace can be attributed to stillness or lack of change. This material world, however, is founded upon constant change thus making all our experience (good or bad), and knowledge temporary. In this temporary setting, trying to find permanent peace and happiness is akin to Fool’s Paradise.

Krishna Consciousness is permanent beyond the waves of time. It gives us a peace of mind leading to happiness. In Krishna Consciousness, we can find the eternal home and eternal relationships where we can share our emotions.

Find your eternal place in Krishna.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy

Hare Krishna

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