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Monday, October 26, 2009

Illusion of man and mind

There is a tendency to think that I have worked hard for my job, house, family and money. If I have a problem, I have the wherewithal to seek help from appropriate government or non-profit agencies. Deep within, there is a sense that we (mankind) have worked hard on our own to get where we are now…so why is there a need for God in this picture.

Therefore, ultimately, the topic of God does not seem very urgent as opposed to other immediate concerns facing me, my family, my community, state, country and the world. In other words, the hand of God in my daily practical life and the life of others seems invisible and hence there seems to be no need for God beyond religious or sentimental or educational (academia) purposes. Due to this apparent lack of urgency, to understand God in the real way is being postponed to another day by the masses.

One of the biggest obstacles to spread God consciousness is this illusion of the independent self-made man and the lethargy of mind.

Hare Krishna

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