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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Body and Self

This ls the body which once cried
For mother's milk with stomach dried
When fed with love then it smiled
Fate had lot in its store piled .

This is the the body which went to school
Learnt a lot still remained a fool
Never knowing how to be cool
In ups and downs with knowledge as tool.

This is the body when young in life
Set up the family with its wife
Cut all life's hurdles and strife
Holding wealth as its powerful knife.

This is the body which moved around
All over world round and round
With people flattering always surround
Under strong ego having no bound.

This is the body which did not care
For poor and old people in scare
Always worrying about its share
Of worldly pleasures here and there.

This is the body now on floor
Lying unable to move any more
With crying people around before
Being sent for cremation ashore.

This is the body and perishable,
KRISHNA, you told it is unstable
And you are The Jeeva, unprerishable,
Come I will protect You from all trouble.

This body did not accept You
Oh Krishna , though You gave all clue
To lead a Life without You
Will end up in misery without rescue.

This body belongs to you Lord
Oh Krishna , now without a word
I surrender to you now onward
To ensure a place in The Eternal Vaikuntha.

- KOMBUR Kancheepuram MADHAVAN

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