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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Truth awakens Love

Whatever your way of life may be, whether a businessman or a doctor or a lawyer, or whether it is housewife or a student or whether you have wife and children. And it is not that you must necessarily give up your responsibilities in this world; because there is a need for all these various professions for human society to function. But the greatest need for the people who are engaging in these activities are; doing it with the understanding of truth. Because truth awakens love, mercy and selfless service to all others, and that is the greatest need. In this world, there is not enough love, compassion and truth. In this world if that was there, everything else would have been provided. All shortages are due to greed and envy if you examine the situation of our planet today. So therefore to perform your duty in this state of divine consciousness, the consciousness of love, which is within you, that is the great gift, which is available in your life. So please we are not concerned with converting a person from one religion to another, we are not concerned with recruiting members. We are simply concerned with enlightening the persons to truly take advantage of the opportunity to realize the principles of universal truth and love; that is within your own heart. Thank you very much!

- H.H.Radhanath Swami

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