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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to directly relate with Krishna?

Satisfying the senses or enjoying material life without Krishna is a non-devotee.

Satisfying the senses or enjoying material life ONLY by satisfying the senses of the Supreme Lord is a devotee (yajnarthat karma) - SB 4.18.6; BG 3.9

Krishna is not an object or concept or phenomenon. Krishna is a person. Therefore, satisfying Krishna means one has to have a relationship with Him.

Because we cannot see and relate with Krishna like Arjuna did, we have to engage in a relationship with His pure representative (guru) in a mood of awe and reverance.

This relationship and mood with his representative (guru) is similar to relating directly with Krishna in that mood.

Thus when Krishna is actually satisfied by our submissive relationship with guru, we will also be able to relate directly with Krishna like Arjuna did.

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