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Monday, August 16, 2010

Modern science-statistical opinion-reality

"In medicine we say 'Never say never and never say always,' because funny things happen. All you can do is give a statistical opinion," said Sikora, dean of the School of Medicine at Buckingham University, in central England.

Of course...anything beyond statistics is deemed funny. The doctors who we think can save our lives are simply basing it on statistical significance. In other words, at the most fundamental level, it is assumed that human bodies are designed the same across all individuals and therefore, through statistical generalization, they assume that all human bodies contract a disease in a similar fashion or react to a medicine in a similar fashion. The doctors will not be able to identify or rectify differences in the fist instant. Only after further complications, do they change the course of action.

Yet, as a common man, we dont think twice before seeking the statistical version of the doctor and put our whole lives in their hands. Our culture today has been brainwashed to the extent to think that the doctor must be correct. Practically, no one questions the words of a doctor. The more specialized the doctor, the more power he can weild.

While all the time, the doctor is simply giving a statistical generalized research based feedback to my specific idiosyncratic problem. If you are lucky you fall within the statistical generalization, if you are unlucky, God save your soul!

To simply put, if we remove all layers of complexities and look at this, the bare truth is the doctor albeit with a statistical research based opinion (better equipped) does not know anything more about my problem than I do.

We both are operating on the platform of HOPE!

The doctor is hoping that the medicine will react the way it should based on statistical research, and the patient is hoping the doctor got it right this time!!

Yet, somehow, the scientists and researchers manage to pull this HOPE off as highly advanced and scientific knowledge. In comparison, you believers of God are simply wasting time "HOPING" to be saved.

Actually, this is true in all spheres or branches of modern science. Everything is a statistical generalization without any use at the individual level.

Modern science generalizes reality and operates on the hope that their version of reality is real.

I prefer the "as it is" version of Prabhupada and operate on that!

Hare Krishna.

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