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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One eternal Instruction

Chanting the Names of God is the recommended process for uninterrupted happiness in this age of quarrel and hypocrisy. Yet we face barriers to even start chanting or sustain chanting. Embedded within the concept of chanting is the concept of change. In order to embrace chanting as an eternal principle in our lives, we have to be ready to change the way we think, feel and desire.

Chanting cannot sustain and grow into pure vibration without a constant desire to change the way we perceive people, and its concomitant life incidents. Therefore our first step to chanting is to cultivate a mood of internal reflection based on the instructions of pure self-realized masters and the Vedas such as Bhagavad Gita. Unless we aspire to understand, digest and practically apply the words of a pure master under all trying circumstances, chanting Hare Krishna will simply be an esoteric concept or at best a facet of my religious formality.

Therefore, Mahaprabhu says, to chant without cessation requires humility of heart, tolerance of mind and universal respect, all this, without even a tiny tinge of selfishness. Universal humility, tolerance and respect can be invoked within our hearts only if we open ourselves to it and constantly correct our wrongs internally and externally and strive on changing my selfish approach towards people, and life incidents under all circumstances.

As we strive for constant internal change from selfish desires to selfless desires, our desire to chant and associate with Krishna through His names will only continue and increase.

Chanting is not another religious formality.
Chanting is my life
Chanting is my soul

I will go to any lengths to chant the Names of Sri Krishna and glorify Him in that process. This should be my prayer and my desire. This is the one eternal divine instruction reverberating within the heart of all pure masters and all pure words.

Aspire to change
Aspire to chant

Chant Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna

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