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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

God’s body NEVER gets old, diseased or dies at any time in the past present or future

God’s body NEVER gets old, diseased or dies at any time in the past present or future. Whoever claims to be God but gets old, and diseased and eventually dies is not God but cheater.

There is a grave misconception among people, mostly among people following Hindu dharma, that God incarnates in flesh and blood and walk among us like a mortal. They even cite examples such as Lord Ram and Krishna to support their case. Such a thought that God comes down as a human being in flesh and blood is offensive and blasphemous. It also exposes the deep ignorance of common man, especially Hindus, on the understanding of the nature of God.

Let us make one point very clear – there is absolutely no scriptural (Vedic) evidence to prove that God descends to earth in flesh and blood. It is also wrong to assume that the so called flesh & blood incarnated God realizes himself as God by way of yoga and meditation. God is always God in the past, present and future and never “practices” yoga or meditation to realize himself as God. Such childish and juvenile understanding is anything but a display of deep seated ignorance of the true glory and greatness of God. Therefore any individual who claims to be God but at the same time possess a “human” body with flesh and blood cannot be considered God. These so called “Gods” are in fact subjected to mundane laws of old age, disease and death at all times. God is above the rules and laws of this material world of old age, disease and death at all times. In other words, God never gets old or diseased or dies at any point in time. If an individual claims to be God but undergoes these three changes of old age, disease and death, then, this individual is not God but a common mortal just like any of us. Sure…he may possess some mystic power but in no way can an individual within the laws of old age, disease and death be considered God.

God’s body and form although appearing as “human” is NOT “human”. God’s body is not made of DNA or RNA or RBC or WBC like the rest of us. The scriptures inform us that
God’s body is “nirguna”-devoid of material qualities of old age, disease and death. God’s body is transcendental full of spiritual qualities. In Sanskrit transcendental body is called SAT CHIT and ANANDA. It means God’s body is ETERNAL (sat), FULL OF KNOWLEDGE OMNISCIENT (chit) and BLISSFUL (ananda). Such a “transcendental” body is anything but like our material body which is made of flesh, blood, pus, stool and urine. God’s body is not subjected to material laws. His bodily parts are interchangeable where as our bodily parts are not interchangeable. For example, we can only chew food with our mouth and not hands. We can walk with our legs but not with our eyes. We can procreate with our genitals but not with our ears. Therefore our bodily parts are fixed with fixed functions. On the other hand, God’s body which is “transcendental” (meaning sat chit and Ananda) can perform the functions interchangeably. God can procreate with His eyes, eat with His eyes or run with His ears etc In other words, His spiritual bodily parts are not fixed to perform fixed functions like our material bodies.

The bottom line - God’s body is transcendental with spiritual qualities. When God descends to this earth planet, still He possesses His transcendental body and He never relinquishes His transcendental body to take a material body of flesh and blood. When Lord Krishna descended 5000 years ago, He never got old. He never got diseased and He never died. Krishna only disappeared out of His sweet will just as the sun disappears from the sky every evening similarly Krishna disappeared from our vision. In the battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna was more than 100 years old…but He never got old…if not how is it possible to be a driver of the chariot for Arjuna in the battle of Kurukshetra? Lord Krishna’s body is not material and was not material. His body was always transcendental to the mundane rules and laws of this world. Lord Krishna’s body, when He was present 5000 years ago, was SAT CHIT and ANANDA (transcendental). His body was eternal, full of knowledge and blissful.

Krishna Himself chides people who consider Him an ordinary being. In the Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9 text 11, He says to Arjuna that “Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature as the Supreme Lord of all that be”. Foolish people think that Lord Krishna possesses an ordinary human body like us whereas Krishna proclaims that His body is transcendental to material nature and laws.

Therefore, please understand that whoever possesses a material flesh and blood body and undergoes the miseries of old-age, disease and death can never become God and is never God past present or future. Please do not be cheated by such cheap Gods. God is great and is NEVER subjected to material laws in the past, present or future. He is transcendental to all dualities of material suffering not only in His spiritual abode but also when He descends to earth or other earthly planets. His body never perishes or deteriorates or dies or subjected to kill. He is eternal, omniscient and blissful at all times and at all places. Anything contrary to this idea is not God but a mortal being like any of us (perhaps with some mystic power)

With this knowledge, we can truly know who is God and who is not!

Hare Krishna

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