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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Farewell my friend!

Today, I heard a sad news that one of my friends passed away. I feel sad that I could not spend more time with him and encourage him in Krishna consciousness. He was not very wealthy materially speaking but he was a nice friend who would desire to help me whenever the need arose.

When I went to India this spring, I wanted to take him with me to Mayapur and Vrindavan but that did not happen as I lost his contact till he contacted me some months before. He had deep aspirations to make it big in the cinema industry. I encouraged him and by the side also encouraged him to seek Krishna's help which he did in earnest and he chanted at least one round of the Maha mantra. He had heart problems but I did not realize it was serious.

Perhaps I did not take his friendship seriously and hence was not keen to contact him. I feel sad I will not see him anymore. I want to dedicate this post to you my friend and also let you know that I always wanted to help you materially and spiritually.

I hope your journey continues and that you take full shelter of the Supreme Lord who is the ultimate cause and effect. I pray at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Couple to give him shelter at their Lotus feet.

Godspeed to you my friend and farewell!! It was great to know you and thank you for being a good friend

Hare Krishna


chander said...

It is really sad when we miss someone permanently in this material world. But the prayers of you will be heard by the Supreme Lord and his soul would have reached His abode. I too wish to pray for your good friend.

chander said...

It is really a sad news when we hear on the demise of a friend or relative of ours. The prayers of you will definitely heard by the Supreme Lord and his soul would have reached the abode of Sri Krishna. My prayers for your good friend's soul to rest in Krishna's lotus feet.

ananda said...

Thank you uncle for your kind words. He was a good friend and I hope Krishna takes care of his ultimate destiny.

A point apart from sentiment, this incident is a lesson that this world is temporary and that this is not our place to live. This untimely death is a stark reminder for me and hopefully the readers of this blog.

We have to dig deeper (beyond sentiment) and take shelter of Krishna seriously and in that mood live our daily lives...otherwise such deaths will go frivolous.

Human life is meant for self-realization and not enjoying with friends and relatives. Personally, this is how I take it and also educate Charanya.

My desire is you also have sense of renunciation and detachment from the people of this world and things of this world and attach yourself to Krishna sincerely.

It is a fact that we may die at any moment (my friend was just 40 or 41)and hence we should take life seriously - this is another reminder for me and hope it is for you too!

Thank you

Hare Krishna