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Friday, November 11, 2011

Imperfect senses

When we say our senses are imperfect and limited, people frown. Once I was in a meeting on science and religion and I was speaking. I said our senses are "flawed" in the senses that it does not tell us the whole story. However, the listeners were offended that I used the word "flawed".

But the truth is our senses are extremely limited in capacity. So if the senses are so limited and that we cannot percieve objects, information and knowledge beyond certain time, space and dimension, then how are we to explain the whole universe in one theory? I think it is rather arrogant to even think we have the capacity to put everything in one theory when in fact we need the assistance of a mirror or another person to see our own back.

My point is our senses are limited and hence deceptive and hence not trustworthy. The knowledge we gather through these imperfect senses are highly questionable especially in search of a sublime truth such as GOD. Therefore the Vedic masters recommend hearing from authoritative self-realized teachers who can see the truth and impart it to their submissive listeners.

Anyways...to prove my point that our senses can decieve us, below are three pictures that seems like one thing when it is not. There is something present right in front of the picture but not readily discernible...find it!!


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