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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nothing wrong in believing but...

In today’s world every individual living being has his or her belief system. I believe this; I believe that etc etc. In accordance to their belief system, people seek friendship, relationships, career, politics, religion etc. In other words the personal belief is about “me” and not necessarily about the issue at hand. For example, I believe in God not because God is great and Supreme but because it makes sense to me that there has to be a supreme force above our normal life or ask God for our daily needs. I do not believe in sexual abstinence because it does not make sense to me as I have to curb that which is natural to my instincts. I believe in Sai Baba because he helped me from my diseased state or performed a miracle by manifesting a Shiva linga. Like this everyone has their belief system that is pertinent to them (primarily).

What is wrong in that one may ask? Well…there is nothing wrong in believing as it is the mark of individuality. The problem is the belief system solely is driven to fulfill one’s own desires or the extension of one’s own desires. For example I do not believe in abstinence of sex because then I have to refrain from illicit sex. I believe in a Supreme force but not necessarily a Personal God because then I have to listen and submit to that God. It is very convenient to have our own beliefs as long it ties smoothly with my life. I believe in patriotism and hence am willing to sacrifice my pleasure for my country. Still however patriotism is about “my” country.

So as long as our belief system is tainted by a selfish motive tied to our body and mind that belief system no matter how noble is considered contaminated. Such a belief system will simply cause distress than good. Therefore an intelligent individual will believe in the best good that one can gain for oneself and for the community at large. Such a belief system has to start with pure knowledge. Pure knowledge that is universal and applicable to the benefit of all living beings including plants and animals. One has to seek such knowledge which transcends sectarian concepts such as “I” and “mine”.

The Bhagavad Gita is such knowledge. It is pure and infallible and was spoken for the benefit of all human beings. It begins by saying that “I am not this body but pure consciousness”. So like this we have to cultivate our belief through knowledge that is universal and infallible.

Hare Krishna

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