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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stories to establish the Absolute Truth

Generally in Vedic literatures such as Puranas and ithihasas, there are stories pertaining to Krishna, Rama, Vamana etc. In that there are wonderful pastimes about the protagonist who protects his loved ones and fights with the bad people. The hero shows sentiments and emotions akin to mundane people such as crying in separation of a loved one, or crying when someone dies or elation when nice things happen. For example Lord Ramachandra exhibited human feelings of crying in separation from Sita and so was Sita who cried in separation from Lord Ram. Like this there are many such stories in Vedic literatures that arouse the sentiments of human beings when read or heard. Because of its mass appeal, such stories of Krishna and Rama are popular bed time stories and also have been actively portrayed by popular media such as cinema and television.

While such story telling propagates history and culture, it also brings a bigger misgiving that Lord Rama and Krishna and other incarnations are simply mundane personalities with mundane emotions. They are considered  human beings albeit powerful but very much flesh and blood in terms of their physical identity and mental state. They are human beings of a past era....thats all so let us hear about them in that mood. Unfortunately such mentality of bringing God to the level of man is the biggest bane of such crass storytelling. Therefore it is tantamount to hear such stories from a bonafide and authentic source who understand the science of God.

The stories in the Puranas and Ithihasas are explained by great saints (not entertainers) and heard by great saints (not mundane people). They are told in a particular manner in the mood of establishing the Absolute Truth but not as mere entertainment. What is that Absolute truth? The truth is that we are not made of flesh and blood but pure consciousness. God who descends to earth in the form of a human is also not made of flesh and blood but pure consciousness. What is the difference between us and God if both are consciousness? The difference is that we are infinitesimal consciousness and God is infinite consciousness from whom everything emanates and returns. He is the cause of all causes. There is no one equal to or above Him. He descends to earth appearing as man to establish dharma (religious principles) and to exhibit loving relationships with His loving devotees. These are the Absolute Truths one should conclude from these stories.

Therefore hearing these stories should result in unconditional and uninterrupted devotional service to Lord Krishna and Lord Ramachandra. This is the only purpose of these stories and no other.

Hare Krishna

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