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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The First Expansion of God

Today is the auspicious day of Balaram Jayanti. One who is aspiring to become spiritual, has to take shelter of Lord Balaram. Who is Lord Balaram? From the little I know, He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. It is said that the only difference between Lord Balaram and Lord Krishna is that Krishna has a bodily hue of a rain cloud and Balaram has a bodily hue of a spring cloud.

It is said there is only one Supreme Absolute Truth from whom everything emanates and dissolves. The first ever expansion of that Godhead is Lord Balaram. Balaramji sustains and maintains everything in facilitation towards Krishna. He appears before Krishna just to make sure everything is in place so Krishna can enjoy His pastimes. So Balaram is eternally in the mood of serving Krishna is so many varieties of ways. Balarama means one who gives us spiritual strength.

So what I am to do with this information? Because Lord Balaram is in the mood of servitude towards Krishna through different rasas and also a giver of spiritual strength, as an aspiring devotee of Krishna, we have to seek the mercy and shelter of Lord Balaram. Then accordingly He will purify us, give us strength and engage us in service to please Krishna.

The science of God according to Krishna consciousness is intricate and very personal. It is very much the opposite to the science of this world where everything is generalized and impersonal. It is also very much different from other world religions where God is characterized as a distant entity who either punishes or rewards us. There is no information beyond such an impersonal God.

By worshiping Lord Balaram, all our desires can be fulfilled provided we pledge our loyalty in the service of Krishna.

Hare Krishna

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