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Monday, September 17, 2012

How should we interpret modern scientific solutions?

How should we react to modern science and scientific solutions for mankind especially as followers of Bhagavad Gita philosophy? Srila Prabhupada once said we should make the best use of a bad bargain, referring this material world and its concomitant factors to be a bad bargain. Was he pessimistic or negative?

If we use the same scientific rationale and sober thinking, we have to admit, modern science has its grave limitations regardless of where the study is conducted. It is neither pessimistic nor negative but rather realistic. Modern science is limited not only by money, and politics but also by  the ability to collect evidence and the ability to interpret it. Because our sensual perception of this world is limited, and because we commit errors beyond our cognizance, we have to accept modern scientific conclusions with reservation.

Scientific conclusions regardless of how grand it may be is mired with unaccountable assumptions, human errors, and lack of comprehensive evidence (past, present and future). Therefore if we truly view modern research through this realistic lens, then we will be able to perceive what is wheat and what is chaff. So put it in simplistic language, modern scientific solutions for mankind is at best a bad bargain but because we are dealt with it, we make the best use of it. We should not reject modern science, but we should use it with all its limitations and cautions and be fully convinced  that knowledge from the Infallible Krishna is the best course for the problems of my life.

Therefore Krishna's instructions (infallible) should be at the forefront of our thinking for our daily needs and concerns whilst we employ scientific conclusions (fallible) to assist our needs.

Hare Krishna

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