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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maya provides infinite opportunities

I was thinking and this thought came to me. I thought I can record this.

Srila Prabhupada once said, I remember reading, that Maya or the creative energy of the Lord is good as the Lord. Maya Shakti is a shadow of Lord Krishna. Just as Krishna is unlimited, so is His shadow Maya. The main purpose Krishna uses Maya is to make sure the living beings continue to be in illusion within this world. Why, one may ask? Because the living beings do not want to surrender to Lord Krishna, therefore, Krishna has created this elaborate labyrinth of space within this material creation so living beings can imitate Krishna and continue to enjoy. When we voluntarily decide to give up this enjoying tendency, then Krishna will remove His Maya Shakti upon us. So on our own, we cannot come out of Maya. We have to surrender to Krishna to get out of this labyrinth.

On the flip side, whoever does not want to give up enjoying, can create infinite opportunities to enjoy within this material creation or this Kingdom of Maya. There are infinite opportunities because Maya is unlimited as the shadow of Krishna. The only pitfall is that Maya is temporary. Therefore while we may enjoy the infinite opportunities to exploit Maya and come on top and feel euphoric of ourselves, still it is temporary. This temporariness is the ultimate truth here. This temporariness will hit us one day as death. So a sober individual will not voluntarily experiment the infinite opportunities within the Kingdom of Maya and become intoxicated, rather He will see through the dense fog of temporary realities and reach out for a permanent solution. That permanence can be found only in Krishna.

Hare Krishna

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