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Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 2012 book distribution

As part of the December marathon, I tried to do my best in distributing some books. I went door knocking every weekend and tried to distribute. I distributed little over twenty books, out of which ten were Bhagavad Gitas which I thought was nice.

There was lukewarm response, one can say. I met some interesting people. I met two brothers from California who seemed interested and who even invited me to their house to discuss more. I also met a gentleman from Uzbekistan. He also invited me to speak about the Bhagavad Gita. Although a professed atheist, he patiently was asking questions in a non-challenging way and at the end donated generously. I met quite few indians who took Bhagavad Gitas, however none of them followed up to meet. I have given my emails to all people I distribute and hope Krishna inspires them to inquire more.

In this day and age, it is very difficult to practice spiritual life without a vibrant spiritual community. Where I live, such a community is lacking. Krishna consciousness is comprehensive in thought and logical in presentation. Although founded on the aspect of faith like other religions, still the aspect of faith is not blindly dealt within Krishna consciousness. Yet, I am surprised the general public is not so keen on understanding the logical presentation of transcendental thought. I can only say, therefore, that people are spiritual lazy and not seeking the "truth" actively. Our job is to find a seeker and also inspire the non-seekers to seek. I hope and pray some of the people who got the book will be inspired to inquire deeper.

Hare Krishna


Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna Prabhu,

Pamho! AGSP! Very inspiring!!!

Just a suggestion, you can take phone num of people who take books in the future so that we can call them. Also if possible u can try to host a weekly or bimonthly prog at ur home so that you can call people for discussion. If you have already tried it kindly ignore this.

All glories to your service!!!
ys ydd

ananda said...

Hare Krishna mataji

Thank you for your suggestion. I think once or twice I tried getting phone number but it does not go very far. Nevertheless I must try more. Thanks for the tip. Regarding program, I conduct provided people accept my invitations to come. Therefore, dependent on that we have programs.

I am hoping that one day something happens. But till then I will do whatever little I can do as my capacity and desire allows.

Thank you
Hare Krishna