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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I pray for optimism

In the recent past and present, many disciples of Prabhupada passed away through accidents or diseases. Both forms of death can be physically painful. So I am thinking such great souls who have sacrificed their whole lives for Prabhupada and Krishna face such intense pains before leaving, then what is my condition?

Honestly, I have not sacrificed anything and besides have much material desires within me. So what will be my fate when my time comes? I pray to the Lord that when my time comes, I am not morose, depressed or anxious to leave but rather I am fully focused on Krishna and in a mood of optimism & enthusiasm. I do not know how that frame of mind will come about at the time of death but I pray I cultivate some attachment to Krishna while living so at death I am not depressed of leaving.

Hare Krishna

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