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Friday, April 12, 2013

Mood of a Vaishnava

This is something I aspire, desire - the gold standard of a Vaishnava - but woefully falling short. I beg unto all assembled Vaishnavas over the internet to bless me to follow in the footsteps of what Maharaj is saying;

Usually we are envious of our superiors, fight with our rivals or equals and lord it over our juniors. But the devotees of Lord Caitanya are so happy when we get His mercy - “O! Prabhu! You made it! You became so advanced! It's so wonderful! Please bless me I can become advanced like you!” This is a non-envious mood of the humble Vaisnava....We should never use this movement to get fame and name or show how great we are, show our talents off and get appreciation,our real test is when we are humble when we are corrected,we know we are humble when we don't think that we are all knower and all perfect,we are humble when we see our own faults and try to change them and see good in others and appreciate them,this movement is The Lord's mercy on us,we must humbly try to serve and serve and serve and please the devotees,then we can get The Lord's favor,else there is no hope, only suffering awaits those who use this process for their sense gratification ,who are engaged in gramya Katha (mundane talks) and Khuti nati (hypocrisy) or fault finding.We must be very clean in our heart.

- H.H.Mahanidhi Swami

Hare Krishna

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