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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do you want to be shackled or liberated?

There are two types of people. An enlightened soul and a soul in ignorance. Externally speaking, both of them look alike. Both of them can be wearing the dress of a sadhu and speaking Vedanta. But once they start speaking, whether they are enlightened or ignorant will be revealed. As listeners we need to know the criterion for what makes one individual enlightened or ignorant.

An ignorant fool will think like this...

An enlightened soul meditate on this...

The ignorant fool thinks he is the body and his entire philosophy of living life is based on that fact - "I am this body" and "everything related to this body is mine"...so let me enjoy my life to the fullest. His entire culture, religion, and the company he keeps will also be so he can enjoy his body and mind to the fullest. Such a man will be proud of his family, attached to his past laurels and future goals, will approach God in a sentimental manner devoid of knowledge. In essence, a man on the bodily concept of life will increasingly promote enjoyment of people, relationships and things of this world (as the picture suggests). Doing so such a man becomes bound more and more to the shackles of Maya and will continue to suffer within the cycle of samsara - birth and death.

An enlightened soul will also live in the same world but will not take it seriously. He will be like a water on a lotus petal performing his duties dedicating his activities, consciousness and relationships in the service of God Krishna. Such a man will also have family but will not be proud that his family is part of his creation, he will not be attached to his past activities or future goals. His goal in life will not be to enjoy life but to serve God Krishna. Such a man will meditate on the Greatness of God Krishna at all times and try his best to use his family, money, intelligence, and energy in the service of God Krishna. Doing so, such a man becomes enlightened from within and forever liberated from the miseries of birth and death and transcends to the spiritual kingdom of God Krishna. The second picture illustrates the beginning of genuine spiritual life.

Do you want to be shackled or liberated?

Hare Krishna

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