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Monday, October 28, 2013

Subtleties of religion

The scriptures such as the Puranas and Itihasas were written for mankind to follow the righteous path of Dharma free from vice thus gradually purifying one's heart of material desires. Even in the Judeo-Christian traditions, there are codes of morality given for mankind.

Despite abundant instructions on truth, justice and spiritual values in the scriptures, still, more than any sphere of existence today - the religious sphere encompasses violence and hatred. Why? The conclusion we can come to is in the interpretation of religion and not with religion itself. When a man with imperfections study and speak from scriptures it will only manifest in imperfections. Imperfections in the extreme sense can result in fanaticism. Therefore it is imperative that we seek guidance from a perfect person who is free from doubt. illusion and envy.

During the Kurukshetra war, there was an incident where Karna completely vanquished King Yudhistira in battle.  Karna did not kill King Yudhistira because of his promise to Queen Kunti. Retreating to his tent, Yudhistira was given medical treatment. At this time, Arjuna and Krishna entered the tent to check for Yudhistira's safety. Seeing Arjuna in the tent not avenging Karna made Yudhistira angry. He criticized Arjuna to give up his Gandiva and insulted him. As a kshatriya, insult is worse than death. Arjuna famous for keeping his vows had a vow that whoever tells him to give up his Gandiva will be killed. Seeing his predicament between fulfilling his vow and killing his brother, he turned to Krishna.

Krishna, in his response was shocked that Arjuna even considered killing his brother. Finally, Krishna had this to say to Arjuna about upholding religious vows "O Pārtha, your vow was made out of childishness. Now hear from me about the higher principles of religion....morality cannot be ascertained by logic, nor even in every case by a study of the scripture. One must seek the guidance of experienced and wise elders to learn its subtleties. All this I have heard from the ṛṣis, O Pārtha"

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada is one such rsi or saintly person- If we submissively study his books, listen to his lectures and practice his instructions,  then we also will understand the subtleties of religion beyond logic and study of scripture.

Hare Krishna

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