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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To cheat is an inherent quality within us

We talk much about how as humans we have inherent defects within us. No one is exempt from it. One of the four defects is cheating. While it may be hard to accept we have a cheating propensity, pure saints from vedic age say that such a propensity indeed exists within every singly individual and hence the cause of miseries.

Below is an excerpt on the cheating propensity of FDA (i.e. the US Govt), the pharmaceutical industry and our friendly neighborhood doctor.

Dr. Gregory A. Smith, who founded a medical group that focuses on integrative medicine for the treatment of chronic pain and prescription narcotic dependence and addiction explains how powerful pharmaceutical corporations legally manufacture and distribute addictive and often deadly medications with the full authority of the US government. Although the US citizenry constitutes only 5 percent of the global population, Dr.Smith revealed, Americans consume a whopping 80 percent of the world's hydrocodone, which is found in painkillers like Vicodin and Norco, as well as 50 percent of all the prescription drugs in the world.

This overwhelming reliance on medication is due to a deliberate shift in medical philosophy which has focused on the treatment of symptoms rather than solving the root cause of ailments. Driving that agenda, he said, is the pharmaceutical industry, which reaps huge profits by ensuring that people continuously need medication. "Let's face it, sick people that don't die are great for business," he observed, "because they keep coming back every 30 days for a prescription," often for years or even decades over the course of their lifetime. Additionally, he said, economic factors like taxes and regulations have forced doctors to treat more patients per hour than in previous years in order to simply keep their practices in business. As such, doctors who devote time trying to treat their patients' ailments often make far less money than their colleagues who merely prescribe drugs to combat symptoms.

Since the FDA receives the majority of their funding from the pharmaceutical industry, Smith said, the government is unlikely to put a stop to this broken medical system and, therefore, the onus of protecting one's health falls on the individual. "The days are over where you can simply just blindly trust the doctor or the system to do what's right for you," he warned, "you have to ask questions." To that end, Smith suggested that people ask their doctor if their are alternatives, specifically natural remedies, to drugs prescribed to them. Should they be dissuaded from such an approach, Smith said, "it's time to look for a new doctor." Ultimately, he stressed that people need to take a more proactive and informed approach to their own health care. 

- Dr Smith - Comprehensive Pain Relief Group

One fix to a problem yields another problem in a cyclical fashion- this is material nature.

Therefore Lord Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, that we must tolerate (rather than find solution) our material problems and simultaneously cultivate the inner heart to seek, find and take shelter of the infallible Being Krishna. As long as we take shelter of fallible soldiers of this world such as the Govt, drugs and doctors, we cannot get rid of this cycle of miseries as evidenced by Dr.Smith above.

Hare Krishna.

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