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Friday, May 30, 2014


Man landed on the moon in July 1969. It was a big public relations success for the United States especially during the cold war era. The astronauts who landed found the moon to have dark grey stones and rubble all over. In fact, they bought some back to earth. Anyways, I am not going into the moon landing debate. However what intrigues me is the cause of moonshine?

If you notice especially during the full moon night, the moon shines so brightly that you can see light rays illuminating earth at night. In fact it is so bright you do not need a torch or any artificial light source. The question is if the moon is made of dark grey stones, then how come it can reflect such brilliant light? Modern scientists claim that it bounces off sun's rays back to earth and depending on its rotational orbit, it is bright or less bright. This claim does not seem very convincing to me.

Have you tried focusing light on dark grey stones or even your street pavements? Does it reflect back light brilliantly? What to speak of the reflection travelling long distances? In fact dark dense objects absorb light. Imagine a huge body which is filled with dark grey stones & dust all over, will it be a beautiful reflecting object or a dark dense ugly object at night?

Light can only bounce off a surface only if the surface is shiny and sleek. If it is rough and dark, it will not reflect light. How then such a large celestial body such as the moon which is apparently made of just dust and stones reflect such brilliant light to the point where the moon looks so gorgeous at night? It is so gorgeous that poets and philosophers romanticize the moon. It is one of the most beautiful things to witness in the night sky. People fall in love on a full moon night! This is the effect moon and its shine has on people on earth. Do you think a planet with grey dense rocks can have that effect on people?

It is more like the moon is lit from inside and is emanating light for millions of miles just like the sun except the moon's light is soothing and beautiful. The sun on the other hand has fiery and hot type of light. Both in my mind emanate original source of light and not borrowed light.

I seriously doubt a planet with dust and grey stones can emanate such beautiful light at night especially if it is borrowed light.

Hare Krishna

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