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Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Emergency Responder

One of the stumbling blocks in our journey toward God is - Doubts. We have doubts. Every time we face a difficulty in our life or see a natural or man made calamity, our mind tends to wander in doubts. Then we tend to ask questions like "why this happened to me?" or "what is God doing?" or "why so much evil in this world when God is supposed to be all good?" etc etc

The existence of these doubts indicate a more fundamental problem and because we do not spend enough time intellectually trying to get an answer to that fundamental question, every time there is a problem our doubts are confirmed and we become more and more atheistic. Science enhances our doubts.

So what is that fundamental question you ask - very simple- "Does God exist"? We may believe in God and regularly spend time trying to understand God but the minute something really goes wrong we question the very same God? So what is wrong in questioning? The fact is if God exists, then there is no question of calamity (personal or global). But then calamity does exist which then fans our doubt that perhaps God is not what I think He is?

All these doubts plague our consciousness because fundamentally we are not convinced God exists. So before we decide to adhere to a particular path or religion, first we have to use our intelligence through observation and analysis to ascertain if God even exists.

Once we are 100% sure He exists, we will not have doubts during calamities but rather we will try to find out the very first emergency responder and that is God. Once we find the first emergency responder, the same calamity will take us closer to God than farther away.

Hare Krishna

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