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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


When someone dies, it is popular culture today to say "RIP" or as I understand it "Rest in Peace". In other words, RIP points to the resting of the dead individual inside a tract of land. This is a practice created in the western hemisphere mostly within the Judeo-Christian traditions, I believe.

RIP also points to a more philosophical idea - that - the dead person is actually resting peacefully. This is ignorance. Why? because the person is not resting but the body of the person is laid to rest. But this ignorance is natural because people think the real individual/person and the body of that person is the same or identical. So arising from this bodily concept of life comes the term RIP.  RIP also points out to the materialistic culture we live in -about how the body is glorified as the epitome of culture, civilization, religion and ultimate happiness.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says at the time of death, the soul gives up the old body and  immediately takes up a new one. Now, it sounds like the soul is given the freedom to choose bodies after death. Actually, the soul is "forced" into another body according to one's previous actions. There is no free choice for the soul to pick bodies. If this scenario, according to the Gita is true, then there is no question of "resting" after dying. It is all action. One body, death, and then another body...and the saga continues!

So instead of saying RIP which is a sign of illusion, we should pray for the departed soul so his/her next destination is favorable in his/her journey towards God.

Hare Krishna

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