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Monday, March 21, 2016

Presuppositions of science

In order for science to operate, scientists have to assume certain unsaid things such as...
  1. Uniformity of the rules of the universe. These rules that govern the universe do not change across space and time.
  2. Human beings have the ability to collect data of the natural world in full through sensory and cognitive abilities. 
  3. The laws of logic are consistent everywhere.
  4. The adequacy of words and sentences (language) to describe the completeness of nature and behavior of nature.
  5. Inductive conclusions based on uniform natural laws are sufficient to describe the natural world around us.
  6. The natural world cannot exist outside the realms of the ability of man to make theories - theory-independent external world.
  7. The natural world can be explained fully empirically through numbers.

These are some assumptions science and scientists have to make to even conduct their experiments. In other words, reality or truth or fact of modern man is within the bounds of these assumptions. We will not be able to understand or explain an incident through scientific methods if it happens outside the bounds of these assumptions. In fact, anything that happens outside these bounds either do not exist in reality according to science or considered anomalies which is not given too much value. 

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