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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Duality of truth and falsehood

We read so many things on the internet, on TV, the news etc. Some are true, some are false. That which is false, we can outright reject it. The problem is the admixture information that is a cocktail of truth mixed with falsehood. Of course, any admixture automatically should be considered completely false provided we are able to verify its veracity. In reality, it is very difficult to verify falsified truths and it is these falsehoods in the garb of truths spread through mainstream media and the internet that is causing sectarianism in the world today. We have sectarianism in the name of religion, politics, country, sports, race, culture, caste etc etc.

Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that when we rise above the mundane truths and falsehoods and its admixtures (that arise from our desire to seek it or hate it), only, can we understand God. So it is important we do not spend too much time trying to support or reject fallible soldiers of today who promise a hopeful future. In the ordinary daily sense of things, we do the needful not getting too worked up about trying to make our world perfect but instead focus our energy internally trying to always remain in consciousness of Krishna or God under all circumstances. As we seek Krishna, we shall find Him.

Hare Krishna

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