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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To serve

In our current experience so far, to serve others is not very glorious position. In fact people like to be served but not serve others or people serve only if there is some sort of return. So generally speaking, to serve is not popular or done with some motive. So when pure devotees pray to the Lord for service, it is not very appealing to the common man.

Therefore very few people actually pray like this – “oh my Lord, please engage me in your service as the servant of your servant!”. However, to serve the Lord or His devotees is not the same as serving people of this world. In fact serving the Lord or His devotees is higher than the position of Lord Brahma or Siva who are the masters of this universe. Service to Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the pinnacle of all austerity, charity, prayer and religions principles. It is the highest position a soul can achieve in his or her journey towards God.

Let me always desire only one thing “oh my Lord, let me always be engaged, if you so desire,in your service as the servant of your servants”, for there is nothing greater than this!

Hare Krishna

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