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Monday, January 23, 2017

Dog, hog, camel and ass

Dogs bark. One dog barks at another dog or another human when the dog senses some territorial clash or some trespassing. Dogs also are faithful to their masters. So this dog-like mentality of barking and faithfulness is inculcated to human beings right from kindergarten, believe it or not!

When a child enters kindergarten and continues education all the way up to graduate school, the child who becomes a student of modern knowledge is taught to divide, categorize, analyze, and conclude. This process of teaching is a universal concept. Then the student graduates and enters the workforce. With his skills of conclusions based on the analysis of his categories, he is awarded and recognized in his company. He becomes a faithful servant to his company mission.

Division and categorization is like the dog perceiving a sense of boundary. Once this boundary is breached, there is alarm and barking. The advanced student, now a faithful servant of his company when faced with a breach of his imaginary self-served categories finds faults with other categories which is not self-serving. To the degree he is faithful to his owner who feeds him, to that much the advanced student will be loud in his fault-finding. This dog-like mentality of fault-finding and faithfulness blinds the intelligence of man to self-serving ideologies which is seminal to further conflicts.

A hog is a greedy animal. It eats anything without any sense of discrimination. Of course, those who have discrimination find this behavior repulsive. Human beings, out of greed and passion, accumulate or hoard things, money, real estate just like a pig without discrimination. Similarly, humans when they eat food without any sense of discrimination, cleanliness or appropriateness, then that human is no better than a pig. The recommended food for a human being is made from grains,vegetables, fruits, milk, sugar etc. Flesh is forbidden for human consumption. Religion has nothing to do with this. Greediness and cleanliness in accumulation and food habits distinguish humans from being pig-like.

Camels are desert animals that eat thorny plants. It enjoys its own blood thinking it is chewing juicy plants. Similarly materialistic people suck their own blood like the camel by trying to intensely enjoy family life by having sex, money,family members, and employment. Just like the foolish camel enjoying his false-pleasure of sucking his own blood from his mouth, similarly people who are materialistically minded work very hard to enjoy pleasures of this world ignoring their spiritual duties and at the end eat the thorny results of their actions mixed with their own blood. This is a diseased state and such people are indeed camel-like. While they are actually suffering, they think out-of-illusion, they are enjoying!

Ass or a donkey is the glorious beast of burden and is even looked down upon within the animal community. This ass carries so much burden for a few morsels of grass which is freely available without so much work. Another aspect of the ass is that the he-ass out of desire to have sex with a she-ass is willing to be kicked by the she-ass on its face. Apparently, the female ass kicks the male ass if it is not inclined. Despite this kicking, the male ass continues with its pleas of sex. Similarly, the glorified modern uber man and woman works exactly like the donkey carrying the lord for his master. The master throws some reward and the ass-like worker enjoys with that money. The man/woman also enjoys with his/her spouse and children and is controlled in various ways by them just to satisfy them. Today both man and woman work like an ass and are kicked by their masters and the opposite sex.

In summary. human beings when they engage in fault-finding, faithfulness to self-serving masters, greediness,lack of cleanliness,life-depleting work/life ethic and intense desire to enjoy this world despite its' burdens represent the four animals dog, hog, camel and ass. Such animal like human beings in the name of political partyism, religionism, philanthropism,communism,casteism, racism, scientism, nationalism etc, elect their leaders to govern will only result in chaos and not peace. There is no question of happiness with no peace!

Therefore, a true leader is one who knows the relationship between matter and spirit and adores the all-knowing God in humble service as the Supreme benefactor. Such a leader creates a system where all living beings including the lower species can live in harmony with each other. Such a leader and such a community is indeed human-like and in such a community peace and fraternity is but a natural outcome.

Hare Krishna

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