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Friday, October 31, 2008

Duty of every Indian

One of the Indian guests had a question.
"Prabhupada, you are giving a very simple process. Why there are no Indians coming? They are exposed to Krsna from their birth, still they are not interested. Nobody wants to listen."

Srila Prabhupada answered as he had in Toronto.
"Because they have become bada-sahib. Especially in the foreign countries, they become bada-sahib. So that is the misfortune of India. They are giving up their culture and being misguided. So if they actually feel that they must maintain their own culture, then it is not difficult. It is the duty of every Indian, as Caitanya Mahaprabhu said that. If that mentality is developed, that, 'In India we were born, we have got the greatest culture, recognized by all the world. So I must make my life successful by taking this culture and distribute it to the whole world.' That is real Indian culture."

He told his guest that they are thinking themselves poverty stricken, but it is only because they have given up their own culture. "Otherwise, there is no question of poverty stricken. So anyway this is Caitanya Mahaprabhu's message, that every Indian should take advantage of the great culture, Vedic culture, and make his life successful. And after acquiring mature knowledge he should distribute the knowledge throughout the whole world."

In reply to the man's inquiry as to how to get them interested, Srila Prabhupada repeated, "By preaching. If you preach, then you'll meet with so many obstacles, and you have to prepare yourself how to meet the obstacles. Then you become strong preacher. Resistance. There is no difficulty, but if there is difficulty, atheist class of men, and it is very difficult, so take innocent, those who are actually eager to know. Everyone should be inquisitive to know about the Absolute Truth, Brahman, but education is different nowadays. People are interested with hammer, how to play on hammer, that's all, technology. There is no question of Brahman. Let Brahman go to hell, now take out the hammer. That Russian emblem, hammer and scythe? That's all."

Hare Krishna

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