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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Krishna Science - all inclusive!

Physical sciences, sociology, anthropology, literature, design, economics, military, sports, space travel, religion, politics etc etc is all intended towards one high ideal - for man to live a peaceful, happy and fulfilling life sensually, intellectually, spiritually and as a community (local, national or international).

To this high end, to improve man’s quality of life we have so many variety of departments in the name of pure and pseudo science. While technology, innovation and unearthing of history has vastly improved in the past 100 years, still we seem to face more issues ranging from the environment to moral to disease.

Krishna Consciousness is one department which explains all of the above departments in one shot. Yet no one would be interested in it simply because it is dubbed under the banner of religion (and most likely seen sectarian). Therefore it is just another view among the many. Science, philosophy, religion, sports, economics, sociology, military art, medicine, all of it can nicely be explained from a Krishna standpoint…a Vedic standpoint. The essence of Vedas is to know Krishna. Therefore if we study Vedas from that perspective, then all the mundane aspirations can be dovetailed at the spiritual level and nourish our soul - an element that has been left out by modern torch bearers of knowledge.

No matter what we do externally, if we do not dovetail it to nourish the soul, our efforts for happiness will go in wane. Krishna Consciousness deal with the body, mind, soul and supersoul and hence is the only way of life that can complete any one individual and thus make him/her happy, peaceful and fulfilling.

Please include Krishna!

Hare Krishna

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