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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eat. Sleep. Walk

In the USA, especially, I have noticed a culture that people “have” to take prescription drugs to solve their health problem. The advertisements on Tv are mostly from the Food and Drug Industry. There are myriad of drugs for headaches to heartburns to improve libido to cancer. People are convinced that by taking these chemicals, they will live healthier and happier. I am surprised at how most of them do not evaluate their own life style such as eating fatty foods and less mobility. We are trained to sit in the house, car, cubicle. Walking has become boredom or recreation. In other words, we either complain that we have to walk two blocks or we walk for recreational/fitness purposes. Walking in itself as a function is losing its value due to alternate modes of transportation. The only walking done today is within rooms or between cubicles.

More and more people care less about living a simple and healthy lifestyle. This concept seems “new age philosophy” something like practicing “yoga”. All we have to do is eat how much ever is necessary and sleep how much ever is necessary. The human body, for the most part, if it has a healthy lifestyle, will heal on its own. Therefore, people are under an illusion thinking that prescription drugs will alleviate their headache or stomachache. Well…perhaps they can care to reduce their coffee intake or eat little enough to propel through the day versus drinking “jugs” of coffee and umpteen sugar intake and what to speak about “pop” soda such as coke and pepsi. Anyways, my point is chemical drugs cause more harm than good. Yes, they can remove the problem temporarily but the permanent fix is only if we change the way we eat, sleep and walk. These are simple things to adapt.

Because of this overall culture of taking drugs to solve problems, we have umpteen cases of overdose. Of course…this issue comes into the limelight when celebrities are involved (ex Michael Jackson and may be Brittany Murphy) . The only way to solve this problem of drug abuse is to fundamentally educate people from very young age on the importance of proper eating, sleeping and walking.

Although this sounds simple, why don’t people see through it? - Because the purpose of human life is sense-gratification. Henceforth, its consequences are not so important. Doctors and drugs are seen as panacea to health problems. Today (just my gut feeling), I think that 95% of the health problems can be solved if we eat, sleep and walk properly and timely.

Hare Krishna


Linda said...

Well, I am going to mention the other 5%. I try to be a devotee, work out regularly, hike generally about 800 miles a year, eat Krsna Prasadam, chant 16 rounds, follow the principles. The trick is, I have bipolar disorder: severe manic moods, crushing depression, hearing voices, psychosis, multiple suicide attempts. It got me booted out of temple service back in 1987, and I was eventually able to get some health insurance and spend 12 years trying out various medication combinations, which by 2003, brought this mainly under control.

My Guru Maharaj preaches that we should take advantage of medicine to do our service, but devotees are all the time saying that my taking medication is maya and I need to quit. Obviously, many people in this society use medicine to treat non-existent problems. I'm not promoting breast augmentation or ED treatments. But it would be nice to see a balanced approach coming from devotees, instead of one designed to alienate those who must take medication to survive.

Thank you.

ananda said...

Haribol Linda

Thank you for your comments. I agree with your statements. I am not against modern medicine. Modern medicine is not maya. We have to take advantage when necessary.

However, I do concern about the culture of prescription drugs in today's society as a solution to health issues.

Hare Krishna