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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Pleiadeans

Ever since I was young, I was fascinated by UFOs and ETs. Lately I have been reading the Billy Meier case and his contacts with the Pleiadians. Billy Meier an elderly Swiss farmer came into contact with the Pleiadians as early as 1942. Ever since, there have been numerous contacts and still continuing. Billy has taken numerous photographs and videos on Pleiadian space ships and all we need to do is google it to see the actual pictures. The pictures have been proven authentic through various scientific photograph testing techniques conducted by leading agencies.

Billy has studied under a swami in India also, for some years. The primary purpose as I understand is the contacts are going on to disseminate spiritual information which is fundamentally based on the fact “we are not this body but consciousness”. Sadly, however, the Pleiadians follow Impersonal philosophy. They do not accept a personal God but “creation” as the ultimate source of power and that this “creation - the supreme consciousness” is maintaining and destroying.

Pleiadeans come from a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus approximately 400 light years from earth. They are also known as the “seven sisters”. Anyone who has in- depth knowledge about Vedic astronomy perhaps can see if there is any relation to the “seven sister” Pleiadian star cluster with the “sapta rishi mandalam” (seven sages). Pleiadeans look like human beings who live for 1000 years and are very spiritual in their lifestyle.

As always, I try to see if the truth they speak has basis with Vedic truths. Surprisingly there are many relationships especially on the fundamental point of body and soul. Another stark relationship I discovered was on creation itself. According to Pleiadeans, this is what they have to say about creation

In order for us to perceive how it is possible that we are a part of Creation, we must first understand what Creation is. In the Pleiadian worlds, if you were to attend one of their schools or read their books you would find the following understanding of the concept of Creation. A Universe is a material thing created from an idea of Creation, which is the spiritual energy that contains the intelligence and knowledge to make it. It is necessary for Creation to make a Universe as part of its process of evolution. Our Universe is contained inside of a very large Universe called the Absolutum, by the Pleiadians. It is believed that we share this Absolutum along with 10 to the 49th power (10 with 49 zeros), number of other Universes,. Each one is separated by thick bands of spiritual energy called push belts.

Each Creation has a cycle of life which evolves continually. The current Creation that we live in is believed to be on a cycle of life that will last 311,040,000,000,000 years. We presently are in the 47 trillionth year of that cycle. This has been established through the technology of the Pleiadians by benefit of their ability to travel in time to research the facts. The cycle of the material Universe, is to expand outward and then to contract back into itself. The current cycle of the Creation will last 311 trillion, 40 billion years and then it will sleep an equal amount of time.

There is an original Creation that helps create all other Creations. Once a Creation has finished its cycle and has come back together in perfect harmony, it then creates the spiritual energy (thought) that becomes the next Creation. First, the new Creation is only a thought. It has reason and understanding. It reasons until it has cognition of its next step. Creation is already setting a pattern of spiritual growth through cognition. Creation then creates the space where the new Creation will exist

The age of creation (311.4 trillion years) according to their calculation amazingly matches exactly with the life of Brahma according to Vedic calculations. Also, the concepts of creation are very much in harmony with the concepts of creation as enunciated in the Vedas. Of course, the Vedas are eternal and does not deem mundane comparisons in one sense, but for people who are seeking, it is vital for their faith that through triangulation, we can see that data matches.

The Pleiadians also mention about Jmmanuel or Jesus Christ. They say that Jesus Christ’s real name is Jmmanuel and he was created through a combination of an earth mother and celestial father (some one from another planet, not earth). The Gospel of Talmud of Jmmanuel talks about the full teachings of Jmmanuel (the alleged real Jesus). I read most of it and Jmmanuel is a impersonal grihastha who finally settles in Kashmir. All his teachings echo our version of Impersonalism. Although Jmmaneul does not explicitly talk about maya, he stresses on the concepts of consciousness separate from bodily wants and that the goal of humans is to revive their pure spiritual consciousness.

Interestingly, the Talmud says that it is not Judas Iscariot who betrays Jmmanuel (Jesus) but someone from the Temple who has a similar name. In fact, Judas is one of the most faithful of the 12 apostles and actually meets Jmmanuel later in India. Later, the loyal Judas return west and pens the Talmud of Jmmanueal in Aramaic and hides it in secret location only to be revealed later to Billy through his ET contacts.

Back to the story, after crucifixion, Jmmanuel eventually goes to Kashmir, India. His mother Mary accompanies Jmmanuel in his journey to the east but dies on the way. Jmmanuel marries his wife Mary Magdalene and have children. Today, there is a tomb in Kashmir of Jmmanuel. In fact, Jmmanuel goes to Purushottam dham Jagannath Puri, visits Lord Jagannath. It is said he stayed there for 6 months.

Anyways…anyone who is interested in this can google some key words and surely you will have plenty of interesting information.

Hare Krishna


Vinita Dubey said...

I have been reading about Pleiadians for the last week or so. I have a strong feeling that Sri Krishn and Sri Ram were blue skinned Pleiadians.
Also our Devas, Rishis, Asuras, mind born sons of Brahma, etc. are the Sanskit Vedic terminology for what they refer to with different names.

Have you find any information on the Sri Krishna connection with Pleiadians?

Also, when they say that we entered an age where we forgot, our true nature as light beings because of the entry of the Annunakis (Asuras?), was 311,000 yrs ago. This must be after Sri Krishn and the start of Kali Yug. Do you have any info on the time of when this derailment into the dark age began?

I've heard the audio book by Barbara Marciniak, who channels them, called 'Bringers of the Dawn'.

Hare Krishna!

ananda said...

My understanding of the Pleiadians is that they live in a distant star perhaps in the upper planetary systems. Krishna and Rama are beyond our planetary systems. They do not possess bodies made of material elements. The Pleiadians possess bodies made of material elments. So from this we can infer that Krishna and Rama cannot be of Pleiadian origin.

According to Srimad Bhagavata Purana, the Kali Yuga began 5000 years or so ago. Our universe will exist for 311 trillion years. Then, there will be cosmic dissolution. The calculation of the Pleiadians and Bhagavatam match in terms of how long the universe will exist. But as far as kali yuga is concerned, it only began 5000 years ago. However, keep in mind there are multiple kali yugas appearing in periodical cycles much like there are multiple summer and winter seasons appearing in cycles.

All said and done, Krishna is Supreme Being whose abode is not within this creation but beyond. It is not possible to reach there via material conveyances. Pleiadians are beings in the material cosmos but surely advanced in culture and civilization than our own.

Hare Krishna

Logan McCoy said...

I agree with Ananda, you're thinking of a bodily material life... God doesn't have that. If you read Brahma Samhita (Pref. by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) you will see more into it. Then again, things are reveled to those who are ready. I would start with "The Bhagavad Gita As It Is" Chapter 2. You will be guided from there.

Om Shrestha said...

Very interesting. I was looking into this matter and I found your analysis. Thanks. Amazing that the life span of universe/ Brahma coincides with pleadian's teachings.