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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The common man who is blind, dumb and deaf

I was reading this article and what struck me are the comments from the common man. I did not read all comments but majority seems to be either sarcastic or angry that a cow missed slaughter. Normally I read comments of an article to assess common man's thought process. Clearly, slaughtering an animal simply does not evoke any compassion rather it enrages people that they missed an opportunity. How sad?

We don't waste a breath to glorify human achievements. There are so many institutions propagating organized religion which supposedly should be spreading peace and harmony. There are so many philanthropists studying socio-economic inequities and are finding ways to solve them. Yet on a day to day basis...the very same human beings involved in what seems to be apparent "humanism" engage in barbaric acts of bloodshed and terror within the animal kingdom. Not sure where "humanism" goes when someone is devouring flesh down his belly?

Personally, I am not able to comprehend such conflicting and contrasting ideologies. On the one side we have over whelming support to "save" the planet & people and yet on the other we engage in animal torture. This is hypocrisy at its best.

If a cow can jump a fence, cross the river and save itself...the majority of the commentators of the article (and I am estimating most of the general population as well) are so blind, dumb and deaf they cannot comprehend that an animal feels pain and pleasure and can think intelligently just as any human being? If this was done by a soldier of war...he/she would be honored for bravery and perhaps made into a Hollywood movie. Because it is a cow with no ability to talk "human" language, it is deemed to abuse, horror and ultimately death. If people of such a community are so blind, dumb and deaf to such a cause, then that people and community is condemned. Killing whimsically and wasting blood is not a sign of civilized humanity but rather barbarism. Indeed, we are living in such extreme conditions despite access to such information. In my opinion, there is no excuse!

I wish King Parikshith actually killed the personification of "Kali" 5000 years ago!

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