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Monday, February 21, 2011

Suvarnabhumi International Airport Thailand

This is the sculpture in the Suvarnabhumi Thailand International Airport depicting the scene of "churning the ocean" where the demigods and demons are using the snake Vasuki to churn the milk ocean for nectar. Detailed description of the pastime can be found here

Although majority of the people in Thailand are not Vaishnavas, still the people and the Government decided to erect the pastime as an indication of the once thriving Vaishnava culture of the region.

It is sad in India we are doing quite the opposite. I cannot remember seeing any such grand erection of spiritual pastimes in public buildings. In fact, the Government is making sure to remove any religious edifice in public buildings as to appear as secular and impersonal as possible as not to offend any group or political party. This is a clear sign of degradation of the Indian people - losing their spiritual roots, culture and heritage.

Hare Krishna

1 comment:

Phani said...

Yes sir. It is very sad. We boast ourselves as saviours of hinduism, but still governments/servants think the other way... for sake of votes, and apathy.

Suvarnabhoomi airport. How lovely it is.

We here, name airports after family names... In no public places, we put our culture prominent.. except when religious meetings happen. Rare exceptions for that...