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Friday, March 4, 2011

The ABC's of Life

I got these originally from my workplace. I have modified it to fit a spiritual paradigm.

Accept Differences
Be kind to all living beings including humans, animals, aquatics and plants
Chant Hare Krishna
Dream about Krishna
Express thanks to Krishna
Forgive others
Give freely the Holy Names of God
Harm No one in body, mind and words
Imbibe saintly qualities
Jettison anger
Keep Krishna within your heart
Love everyone selflessly
Master something for Krishna
Nurture faith in the Holy Names of God
Open your heart to Krishna
Plant seeds of bhakti
Quest for transcendental truths
Seek spiritual wisdom
Touch hearts with your love
Value spiritual truths
Win graciously
Xtol pure devotees
Yearn for Krishna’s service
Zealously spread the message of God

Hare Krishna

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