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Friday, May 13, 2011

Maya - the All Attractive!

Krishna is All-Attractive, attractive enough to attract more than million cupids put together (Kandarpa koti kamaniya). Yet we see from our daily experience and this includes my own mind that my attraction to the All-attractive is minimal to say the least. I am attracted to other things of this world such as movie stars or electronic gadgets or sports etc…but surely these personalities/objects are not more attractive than million cupids? Why then am I attracted to apparently things that are qualitatively less attractive and not attracted to a Personality who is more attractive than million cupids?

The answer lies in the greatness of God -Krishna. Although Krishna’s material creation (Maya) is but a spark of His splendor, we are attracted more to the spark than the original splendor of the spark. This is the grand illusion we are in. The illusory reflection is more grandeur to our eyes than the original object it is reflecting. This is the power of Maya! Therefore we should not foolishly think we can cross-over the illusory power of Maya on our own strength and attain God. It is not possible! We have to seek a pure spiritual master and take shelter of his instructions. Then gradually the original splendor will be more splendorous than the reflection. In fact the reflection will seem trivial at that point.

Take shelter of a pure devotee, and then seek Krishna.

Hare Krishna

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