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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bhakti is what is missing!

In India there are no shortage of scholars and speakers, erudite enough to poetically narrate in detail the pastimes of Lord Ramachandra or Lord Krishna. There are also so many vedantists who can philosophically narrate the conclusions of the Gita or other deeply studied Upanishads. The general masses are awed by such transcendental presentations that they are convinced that the scholars, vedantists and so called renunciates are speaking Tattva or Truth. But yet if we closely analyse, none of the audience members who listen transform their hearts based on these erudite presentations. By and large, they come in paying admission fee, listen to lectures as a form of intellectual entertainment, speculate with fellow-listeners and then go back home to fulfill the cravings of the mind and body. These professional reciters although very scholarly have failed because they cannot change any listener's hearts. The fact that modern day India is seriously devoid of proper understanding of God and His creation is a testimonial to this fact.

So the question is how come these so called professional scholars and vedantists are unable to transform people's lives? Krishna tells that to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna says, because you (Arjuna) are my friend and devotee, I (the Supreme Godhead) reveal to you Tattva or Truth. Everybody else is not previewed to this classified information.

Therefore, the missing link in modern day is not the abundance of monastic order or philosophical discourses, what is missing is pure devotion. We need pure devotees who can present Tattva or truth in its ripest and purest form. Srila Prabhupada has taught us that by chanting Hare Krishna mahamantra, following the four regulative principles and by eating only Prasadam, one can attain the infinite blessing of a Pure Devotee of the Lord. By doing so, a lame man can cross mountains and a dumb man can become an eloquent speaker, eloquent enough to inspire others to surrender to Govinda.

Hare Krishna.

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