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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My prayers to the rape victim

In the last two or three days I was following the story on the rape incident in India and it has stirred up some emotions within me to the point where I was not able to focus on my chanting.The trauma the victim must have endured was flashing in my mind every time I close my eyes to chant.

I could only seek shelter in Krishna and pray for the departed soul. I pray that the Lord gives her a better opportunity to come closer to Him.

I am not sure what to say about the status of Indian culture at this point. I think it is at a dismal low, which clearly points to the gradual degradation that was happening in the last half century. The rape incident is simply a facet of that devolution of culture. People are bombarded with sexual overtones and hence sexual perversion has become a sub-culture in India right from when a student enters high school and then into college. The best part is such sexual perversion and promiscuity is romanticized in pretty much every Indian movie and other popular media such as television and internet. This is a problem because movies, television and internet has the deepest impact on the psyche of an individual as it is a visual media. Such romanticization is a direct result of Godless civilization and the failure of parents educating their children on the importance of true spiritual values.

Simply punishing criminals after the fact is not going to change the current perverted culture of India. Unless the leaders of society understand and revive the values of spiritual life as enunciated in India's greatest spiritual treasures' such as Bhagavad Gita and other transcendental books, I do not foresee any change in consciousness among the Indian populace.

Hare Krishna

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