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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Is he a kind man?

On my work desk, I have a photo frame of Srila Prabhupada gifted to me by my wife. Once one colleague of mine looked at Prabhupada and asked who he is? I said he is my spiritual teacher. Then she starred at the picture intently for a second and asked me a question - Is he a kind man? I did not expect that question but I could understand as Prabhupada was grave in the picture. I replied that he is indeed very kind and compassionate.

Krishna consciousness, however fully spiritual, is a personal philosophy which means it is all about loving relationships. Kindness is the beginning of love and Srila Prabhupada was hard as thunder and soft as a rose with his disciples and both characteristics was a display of his compassion.

The colleague of mine like everyone in this world has a material understanding of love and kindness which pertains solely to the body&mind and hence would not understand such transcendental expressions of kindness and love.

Below is a video that depicts his loving relationship with his disciple that is purely on the spiritual plane.

Hare Krishna

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