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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Truth is Absolute

Truth is always Absolute beyond relativity. It is the same for you, me and the third person. However, we have practical experience that people claim to know the truth which is often contradictory to one another. In other words, that so called Absolute truth seems to be relative to time, place and circumstance. This relativity is the cause of contradiction leading to confrontation.

Although Truth is Absolute still depending on our desire it is revealed fully or partially or not at all.  So the dualities we experience in the name of truth arises from desires tinged with material motives. For such seekers who actually really only care for their own material motives see only their own motives manifest in the name of evidence or truth. This manifestation is not truth or its part but its shadow. Therefore every individual seeking the truth will be faced with Truth and its reflection. If we have even the slightest tinge of material motivation, our mind will be convinced of that shadow.

Those very few who are materially selfless in their motives will experience the Absolute truth to the degree they want it. Seers of truth have documented that the non-dual truth is experienced in a continuum of impersonal light to personal loving relationship with the Absolute. As a seeker we can stop at any part of the continuum. Not everyone will be willing to go the entire journey of seeking personal loving relationships with the Absolute. Most world religions or spiritual paths adhere to some aspect of a formless impersonal light as the ultimate truth.

If we are unsatisfied with impersonal realization we can continue our spiritual journey from impersonal to personal but that comes with a cost. That cost is to attain a state of full surrender and unconditional service towards the Absolute. In this state, there is a complete abandonment of "I" and unconditional acceptance of service towards the Absolute Truth. In the opinion of truth seekers, this is the ultimate and final realization of Absolute Truth. When we reach this stage, there is nothing more to seek or search.

Truth is one (also means only one religion) with varying degrees. Depending on our motivation, desire and conviction, that one Absolute Truth is revealed as a whole, in parts or as a reflection.

Hare Krishna

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