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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We need quality

Everyone has got some followers. This.... What is that? Guruji Maharaja. He has got also so-called followers. The T.M.,(Transcendental Meditation of Mahesh Yogi)  - - - he has got also some followers. Everyone has got some followers. But what kind of followers they have ? That is quality. Everything has quality. Simply quantity is not. There are many Christians. Even up to date, some Christian fair or.... Many millions will come. What is the quality ? Quality is all meat-eater. But Christian means he should not kill. Where is the Christian ? So we have to test by the quality, followers. Not many followers, the quality of the followers. My Guru Mahäräja used to say like that, that "If I get at least one quality disciple, then all my labor will be success." He was saying like that: quality, not the quantity.

- Srila Prabhupada (Room Conversation  -  The Spirit of Preaching is to Make Perfect Disciples
- May 2, 1976, Fiji)

Hare Krishna

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