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Sunday, February 22, 2015

grounded and innovative

PAs devotees we have to know when to call it quits and take shelter of Krishna. Sometimes, to problem solve one can be creative and innovative and get into one's own heads. One can try different approaches, different methods and get enthusiastic about the approach and methods. This is good especially if one is a natural leader and have the ability to multi-task. One can use these talents, no doubt, for Krishna's service and in fact accomplish a lot.

However, an advanced devotee will know where to draw the line between one's own creative thinking and Hand of God. An advanced devotee will never lose sight of the fact that man proposes but ultimately God disposes and in that disposition remains humble, patient and enthusiastic. So while we need creative thinking to execute our ideas, we should realize in a deeper way that ultimately it is Krishna who sanctions our creativity. This thought can always keep us grounded but at the same time innovative.  In this mental state, we will not take failure too personal and success will not spoil us.

Hare Krishna

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