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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The magic is still there!

We hear so many sadhus performing miracles, manifesting gold, curing diseases etc. But ISKCON the way it began and grew and the way people got attracted to Prabhupada was simply a miracle. While kirtan, prasadam, philosophy was there, it still was not sufficient to set the ISKCON Juggernaut ball rolling. It was one man Prabhupada to whom so many people got attracted.

Besides considering the commitment required to be in Krishna consciousness, it was anything short of miracle. Unlike other world religions, Krishna consciousness was not forced upon anyone, it was an open voluntary movement started by a 70 year old man. To voluntarily give up meat eating, alcohol and illicit sex for westerners especially is not something to be taken lightly. Indians born in pious brahman families engage in such sinful behavior...so to be born in a western culture and having these habits since childhood and just give it up instantly is anything short of miracle. Then above that to chant Hare Krishna for two to three hours everyday at a minimum is unthinkable. What to speak of young westerners in their 20's willing to take up sanyas to preach about Krishna?

So Prabhupada was like a pied piper hypnotizing people towards Krishna. So in that sense, it is a miracle. The movement we see and experience today is simply the wake left behind by Prabhupada in the 60s and 70s. If we want to continue to spread this magic, then we have make things simple by letting Prabhupada lead from the front and that is possible by adhering to his instructions, reading his books, chanting Hare Krishna and sincerely purifying our own consciousness free from envy and pride.

The magic is still there!

Hare Krishna

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