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Monday, March 2, 2015

Why Krishna is not mentioned in the scriptures of the World?

A general criticism you will hear among people of all religions Christian, Jews, Muslims (including Hindus) etc is that if Krishna is indeed Supreme God, why He or His name is not specifically mentioned in the Bible or Torah or Quran or the four Vedas (Rg Sama Yajur and Atharva). Even in the four primary Vedas, the name Krishna is not explicitly mentioned as Swayam Bhagavan. Only I think in one place the name "Devaki nandan" is mentioned in the Upanishads. Otherwise, in the vast body of the four Vedas or Sruti, Krishna is not mentioned at all as Swayam Bhagavan, why?

For us to understand this contradiction requires one to understand the nature of God. Below are some points to consider;

  1. God is so great that He chooses not to reveal Himself to anyone BUT only to His pure devotees who love Him without any conditions.
  2. The scriptures such as Bible, Quran Vedas etc DO NOT teach pure devotional service. They only teach religious and moral values, elevation to heaven and moksha (this is not pure devotion) 
  3. Pure devotion is accepted by only highly elevated souls and not the common man.
  4. So because the above popular scriptures are mainly targeted to a larger audience who have all sorts of material desires, God chooses NOT TO reveal His name or form in these scriptures.
  5. Therefore continuing that line of thought, Srimad Bhagavatam is considered Supreme Scripture as it was spoken and heard ONLY for the sake of PURE DEVOTION to BHAGAVAN - hence the title of the book Bhagavatam - that which is related to Bhagavan.
  6. Bhagavad Gita is the prerequisite study to understand Bhagavatam.

There are many types of services to God - only the one with an "x" in the table below will give us understanding into the "true' nature of God. if you tick yourself in other boxes, we cannot understand God (what to speak of scientists and atheists). The grey box indicates null&void.

Type of service
for pleasing one's self only (impure)

for pleasing God and one's self (mixed)

for pleasing God only (pure)


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