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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Keep the goal and method clear and simple

If we keep our priorities clear and simple, our life will become less cluttered.

People who make it to the top, have a clear goal and a clear method in reaching the goal. Because the goal and method is clear, obstacles do not faze them. So the key to have a clear goal and clear method is to keep it as simple as possible. To keep the goal and method simple and clear is the key to success in any field. This is no different in our spiritual career. By keeping things simple yet clear, we are able to be flexible to the changing environment simultaneously not losing sight of our destination.

From the perspective of God, a person who claims to follow God, should also have his or her goal and method simple and clear thus ensuring success to see God face to face. What is the goal and method?

Goal - To satisfy the desires of God
Method - Align/employ our desires and material resources/circumstances to satisfy God's desires (Let Thy Will be Done not my will)

The above two simple yet clear ideology can ensure success to see God face to face. If you note above, part of simplicity is that the goal and method is singular not plural.

Devotees of Krishna often confuse chanting as the method. Actually chanting (at least in the conditional state) is a method to achieve the above stated method. Chanting in the conditional state will purify our desires to the point where we can align our desires/circumstances to satisfy God's desires.

Once we align our desires with God's desires, then the method and goal merge as one. Till that happens, we have to keep the goal and method simple and clear. In doing so, any barrier to implement the above will only help us progress towards our goal.

Hare Krishna

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